Hi Celeste

I am an ex South African now living in Australia.
I am very impressed with your recipes on line.

It's so nice to see South African recipes and makes
me home sick especially over this holiday season.

May God bless you and your family
over this Christmas period and always.

Kind regards
Marianne Ras

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A big thanks!

I love your website, when I have
caught up on my housework,
cooked a meal, done the laundry
and have some time on my hands
I love sitting down and reading
your recipes, your kitchen humor etc.

Thank you for sharing your recipes,
your humor, your time with those of
us that love to search for a new recipe.

I've won a couple cooking state
contest through our State Parks.
I would like to send you the
winning recipe from last year.

Thank you again for many
hours of fun and information.

Susan McGowan
(Albertville, Alabama)


2 cups diced red potatoes cubed
into 1/2" pieces, with the skin on

1 chicken bullion

8 slices of bacon,
cut into ½ to ¾ inch pieces

3 T. butter

1 cup diced onion or
leeks (which I prefer)

1 cup sour cream

2 cups Half n Half

1 11oz. drained Mexican
whole kernel corn

1 can cream of chicken soup

1/4 t. pepper

1/4 t. salt

Dice the potatoes and cook them in a
Dutch oven, covered in cold water with
the chicken bullion until just tender, drain.

In the same Dutch oven brown
the bacon until crisp and drain.

Melt the 3 T. butter and sauté the onions
or leeks until tender in the same pan.

Return the potatoes and bacon to
the pan with the onions or leeks.

Add the sour cream,
Half n Half, corn and soup.

Add pepper and salt to taste, turn burner
to med-low and heat just until a boil,
stirring occasionally so it won't burn,
remove from heat, serve immediately.

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Hi There

Thank you for the recipes.
You do not know how much it means to a lot of us.
Keep up the good work.
We miss the food, braai and rugby.
Left October 2007

Malinda Shamley
(Auckland, New Zealand)

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Thank you so much for sharing
your Jell-O shot recipes!
Your truly creative!
We made an assortment
to say the least!

We were celebrating a friends 30th B-day
on the Booze bus here in Boston.

We had a great time and I owe my thanks to you.
They were such a hit and wicked fun to make!

Kelly Ross-Loprest
(Boston, Ma.)

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Great website. Awesome, thanks.

Have been looking for all our SA recipes and finally found more than
what I've been looking for. Tried and tested a few and can't wait for
the first sunny London day to try out the Oxtail Potjie. I hope we get
a seriously good England many recipes so little sun!!

Keep up the great work and thanks for hosting a truly top class site.


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I just want to thank you for the
wonderful job you have done on your site.
I come from family of good cooks and
at one time had my own business.
I am a Senior now and don't cook as much,
but I have decided to put all my recipes
into a binder for my Grandaughters.

Your site has been a pleasure to read.
I haven't looked up any recipes but
your tips are wonderful for a beginner.

Thank you.
"The Carriere's"

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Hallo daar Celeste

Ek het heerlik gekuier in jou website.
Ek gaan beslis van die resepte probeer.

Edith Heyns
(Suid Afrika)

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Hi There

Just a quick note………
was surfing the web
for “recipes with pictures”
came across yours…………
it’s Fabulous!!! I love it!!
Must have taken forever to create!
Thanks so much………..

Kimmie C

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Hello Celeste, after searching all morning for dip recipes
(crab and spinach) I found your website and will
definitely try yours and added this site to
my favorites to try out other recipes.

Here's one easy recipe for Tuna Dip.

One can tuna drained
One can Media Crema Nestlé
One small can (about 2 oz.)
jalapeño peppers including the vinegar
(adjust peppers to taste)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Blend all ingredients and chill for one hour.
Serve with corn chips
(like the one you use for nachos).


This is a form of decorative plate
that was in my late mother's kitchen.

Thank God for dirty dishes
they have a tale to tell.
While others may go hungry
we are eating very well.

Blanca Torres
(Nogales, Sonora, México)

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I was reading your Jello Shot recipes.
Pretty nice mix.

One thing though - NEVER heat vodka or any liquor.
All the alcohol will burn off and then the
Jello Shot just becomes flavored
and not really adult drinks.

Philip Villotti
(Arizona, USA)

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Hi Celeste

I have been getting recipes
from the internet recipe websites
and must confess that I have yet to
come across another online recipe website
that has been so beautifully illustrated
and easy to read and follow.


I will most certainly
recommend your website.

(South Africa)

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Hi Celeste!

Dit was ‘n kook ondervinding om deur jou web te gaan!
Baie geluk welgedaan, dis puik!!
Stimulerend!! Interressant!! Snaaks!!

Baie goed saamgestel.
En al die wonderlike resepte!

Dit was ‘n fees van ‘n kuier!!

Vriendelike Groete

(Suid Afrika)

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Hi Celeste

Your web site is great and it’s always good to
get one of the SA recipes and plan a good meal.


(United Kingdom)

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Dear Celeste

What an absolutely delightful, charming and lekker Website you have!
I found it purely by chance whilst searching for something else.
It is certainly one that I will come back to time and time again.

Keep up the good work for us cooking/food enthusiast's!

With my best regards to you & your family for a prosperous,
happy and healthy New Year 2005.

(Cape Town, South Africa)

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I found the website today looking for SA recipes - its FANTASTIC,
specially for an expat SA missing home food!
Thanks I will recomend it to my expat friends!!

(United Kingdom)

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